Boo-tiful gifts for Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve, the night before All Saints Day. Or, as we like to think of it, the start of a season of parties, fireworks, too many drinks and way too much food that will last til 1st January. Yay!

If you like going all out in the spooky season, then look no further! In recent years we seemed to have jumped on board with Extreme Halloween; cul-de-sacs becoming overrun with decorations and kids high on sugar. Parties where guests look like they’ve hired a professional make up artist to orchestrate their early demise.

Whether you’re opting for sexy fairy or gruesome headless horseman, remember to get that camera clicking to record all the best (and worst) moments of the night… you never know when they’ll come in handy…!

If you’re having a party this Halloween, check out our inspiration for all things spoooookkkkyyyy to entertain your guests!

The staple – Carved Pumpkins

You can find so many templates online for brilliant pumpkin carvings, or, as you’ll probably end up doing it all yourself, just still with the simple peg teeth! Did you know that Jack-o-Lanterns originated from Ireland? In the 19th century, Gaelic people celebrated Samhain. Samhain was the celebration of the end of the harvest, and beginning of the darker half of the year, where ghouls and harmful spirits roamed the earth. People created the jack-o-lanterns to ward off the evil spirits by placing them on window sills! Ironic that now we use them to tell ghoulish kids that they’re welcome to call! Get some great templates for pumpkin carving here.

An easy one for the kids – ghost paper chains

Paper chains are so quick and easy to make. Even the kids with the shortest attention span can usually get to the end of this task! If you’re having people over for a party, or expecting trick or treaters, they’re the perfect (cheap and easy) way to decorate. Go crazy and buy some sheets of different coloured tissue paper, or just grab the roll of baking paper, and get making! Click here for a step by step guide if your days of paper chain making are a bit hazy.


If you’re having a party, remember to order your party invitations from us! Our cards are fully customisable, allowing you to have whatever you want. Whether it be illustrations or a photo of last years best dressed, order now and get free delivery to any UK address.

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