How do I create the perfect photo book?

Here’s a quick how to guide, so we can show you that it’s easy peasy.

Where are products printed?

All our products are printed here in the UK.

Do you deliver abroad?

Sadly no, our free postage only applies in the UK.

What paper quality are Rebel photo books?

Our covers are extra thick hard backs, and the paper quality is a sumptuous 200gsm. Perfect!

How do I add extra pages to my book?

Very easily once you’re in the designer area, just click the add two pages icon in the lower right of the screen.

What type of image files can I upload?

.jpg files or .png files are what you need, which are standard photo files.

How do I know if my photo is good enough quality?

You’ll get a little ! sign when you’re creating if your photos are too low resolution. You can print at a lower res, but be aware that the images can get a little pixelated and blurry.