Housewarming Gift Ideas

One of your favourite people has moved into a new house. How wonderful for them, they’ll finally have somewhere to nest and make their own. Queue bulk ordering from Loaf etc. And how wonderful for you. Before the mustard chair gets delivered and the walls get painted an elephants breath away from white – HOUSE PARTY!!! To commemorate this wonderful occasion, as well as BYOB I’m sure you’re thinking you need to bring the Best Present Ever. Because you’re nice like that.

To help you out (because we’re nice like that too), here’s a selection of housewarming gift ideas perfectly suited to gifting your favourite person when they get their new home.

The Framed Print

What better gift for a new home than a personalised framed print filled with a photo that you know is their favourite. That moment they threw a cake in their husband’s face on their wedding day. Or that moment they dumped the sh*tty ex boyfriend and you went out together and had the Best Night Ever. Whatever that moment is, you’re probably smiling about the memory now. Imagine how they’ll feel when they unwrap it! It comes ready to hang so you can celebrate being able to put screws in the wall and get it up pronto. Job done.

Coasters & Placemats

Another brilliant idea for a housewarming gift, brought to you by Rebel. You’re welcome. Our placemats and coasters are much better than others you’ll find out there. The benefit to choosing Rebel is that you can customise each placemat. Instead of ordering 4 of the same, you can make each one unique! So if they’re family obsessed, think individual tribe mug shots. Let your imagination run wild with sweary poems, holiday best bits or, well, anything! The world is your lobster.


You can’t really beat a mug on a mug, and if your person is getting a home for the first time this is both a fun and practical gift. What else are they going to drink their gin from? Choose from our brilliant unique Rebel themes, or design your own from scratch by adding photos, text and illustration. Think of something super personal and they’ll cherish it forever. Even if you’re calling them by their fave swear word.

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The Rustic Framed Print

Earthy tones with natural wood-grain, our stylish rustic frame print is the perfect way to show off beach scenes, sunsets and a camel in a hat. Choice of colours and sizes.

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The Colourful Mug

Brighten up your day with a splash of colour (in your coffee cup).

from £10.99

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The Personalised Placemats

Feed your creativity with our personalised placemats and jazz up your dining table. Ideal as a house warming present, or treat yourself. Go on.

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