Photo books – the perfect gift

A photo book is the perfect gift for any friend or family member; personal and poignant, they enable you to show them just how much you love them (and score massive brownie points with the effort it looks like you’ve made).

I’ve created a few brilliant ones over the years, so thought I’d share my thoughts on them with you if you’re looking for inspiration!

The book of (insert favourite person here)

In a This is your Life fashion, I created a book for my sister’s birthday. It required a bit of collaboration and dedication from her fortunately/unfortunately many friends which was definitely worth it. I asked each of her friends to send me a written account of their favourite memory or why they loved my sister, then matched that up with a photo of them both together. The mix of photos and text made such a beautiful book and the sentiment from her friends had her bawling like a baby who’d just be plonked on Santa’s knee.

The Last Minute Gift book

I did a similar thing for my dad’s 70th birthday – he was having a great big party so I had a last minute idea to create a book – unfortunately I didn’t have time to gather any text from friends so I filled the book with photos and blank spaces, then sneakily took the book to his friends and family around the party to hand write messages – hey presto, a book he’ll cherish forever filled with messages from best mates, family and even friends he hasn’t seen since they used to do a runner from the curry house out of the bathroom window together.

The First Years with my Daddy book

For my husband’s birthday this year I created a beautiful book of memories of him and our little girl. Darcey’s five now and we’ve been pretty rubbish at printing pictures of her, so it was great to see his face light up at photos he hasn’t seen in a few years! I also included a few to pull out when she starts having boyfriends – the standard naked potty pic, squidgy bum shots etc – a little bonus present for the hubby to hold her to ransom when needed.

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