How to Create a Photo Book

Avoid the usual frustrations of losing a project halfway through, or give up halfway through because it’s taking so long. At Rebel, our design process is the easiest around – you can upload from social media, or straight from your device, and we’ll automatically place your images throughout the book. Then the fun starts – you can easily play around with layout, add graphics, filters and beautify your book to your hearts content. Check out our latest themes to hit all the photo book goals.

Step 1 – Choose your book

Here’s a quick how to guide, so we can brag about our brilliant website, and show you that it’s easy peasy.

Step 2 – Choose your theme

If you’re regretting not choosing the other theme you had your eye on, then fear not! You can easily change themes by clicking on the Themes tab on the left, and switch around until you find the one you think is perfect for those pics.

Step 3 – Choose your images

Image auto fill

We’ll tell you exactly how many images you need to fill the book so you can choose wisely. If you upload them in the order you want, we’ll also auto fill the book so your work is pretty much done.

Low resolution warning

We’ll also give you a heads up when your images are a bit low res – nobody wants a blurry photo book. If you’re happy to proceed with lower resolution pics though, we’ll let you carry on your order as normal. We’re not the high res police.

Step 4 – Choose your Illustrations & Clip Art

Now for the fun – you can really make your book your own by adding in captions and illustrations created by our team at Rebel. No dodgy clip art in sight, we promise.

Step 5 – Place Order

Step 6 – Receive Order

Choose below to begin your journey to photo book perfection

The A5 Photo Book

The bijou photo book. Small, but perfectly formed. A5 photo book with a smooth soft touch matte cover, matte throughout.

from £12.99

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The A4 Photo Book

The (not so) average A4 photo book. Easy peasy to create. Matte cover, matte throughout. Beautifully smooth. Touch it!

from £19.99

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