Meet the Illustrators

As we spend so much time talking about our unique illustrations, we thought it would be fun for you to meet the illustrators. They’re so passionate about their designs it would be rude not to! Darren tells us more about where his passion for design comes from.

How did you get into drawing?
I got into drawing as a child.. I remember copying Disney VHS covers for hours and hours.  I think it just developed from there really.. I’ve always loved doing creative stuff. That and bikes were my things!

You’ve travelled around quite a lot, how has that added to your inspiration? 
Yeah I think travel is really inspiring in loads of ways, new sights, different cultures, architecture, street art etc all trigger new ideas. It’s important to get out of your hometown, get out of your comfort zone and see the world a bit. Austin Texas is the most buzzy and creative place I’ve visited, highly recommend! So much going on with music and art etc. 

How would you describe your style?
I am a believer of less is more, and I try to design with that in mind. I think good design is simple yet impressive. So I think a lot of my design work is quite bold and punchy.  Something my University tutor said to me that sticks in my head when studying design was “make it simple, but significant” and I like that.  

How do you get your inspiration?
Aside from travel, I guess bouncing ideas off colleagues and friends. I look at a lot of Pinterest and Instagram for Design / Type / Illustration inspo and to see what’s trending. 

What’s your method?
I guess it varies depending on the project, but generally I would draw rough ideas by hand. Maybe scan them in and rework in one of the Adobe programs. And go from there 🙂 

Has your creative approach changed over the years?
I think my process has always been fairly similar, but hopefully I’ve got a little more efficient with the creative process. I usually start with some research, bounce some ideas around and draw some rough ideas. Bounce some more ideas around and then start creating. 

What’s your favourite style of illustration?
That’s a hard one, because I like loads of different styles. I’m very into the Lino print bold style illustration / design. I see a lot of people using that style in their branding and it looks great.

What’s your favourite design that you’ve done for Rebel?
Hmm, I quite like the Geometric designs, the new Terrazzo one is pretty cool too! 

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