The Official Rebels 0f 2019

As the year draws to a close, here at Rebel HQ we’re having a moment of reflection. 2019 came and went pretty quickly for us, half of the office are still wearing flip flops. Join us in celebrating our favourite rebels of the year; outstanding efforts from celebrities, us common folk, and the odd animal. So just in case you missed out on these classics, we’ve rounded up 2019’s Rebels of the Year!

January – No pants subway ride

Now in its 18th year, the No Pants Subway Riders brave the cold weather wearing everything but their trousers, to bring a smile to people’s faces. What started as a prank between seven mates back in 2002 has now grown into a US wide celebration of humour, with over sixty cities taking part.

February – Drake disses Grammys

Drake gets the award for February, for when he slagged off the Grammys at …the Grammys! When he got to the point of telling everyone that musicians ‘don’t need a Grammy’ the awards society quickly cut his mic and skipped to a break mid speech.

March – Corden Pranks Beckham

Our March award goes to James Corden, who pranked David Beckham in his best gag yet. Beckham was expecting to see the unveiling of his new LA Galaxy statue, but Corden hijacked the event, switching out the statue for it’s ugly brother. A must watch.

April – Tinder’s April Fools 

Tinder takes the award for April with their not so hilarious fools joke. Short men across the globe were outraged at their plan for a height verification tool that can assess a man’s height next to any commercial building.

May – Cheese Rolling Rolling Rolling

This May, once again hundreds of people defied the ban on the annual cheese rolling competition held at Cooper’s Hill, Gloucester. May’s award goes to everyone that took part, especially when even the organiser ended up in hospital this year with an internal crush injury!

June – Lewis Capaldi Hearts Noel Gallagher

The June award has to go to Lewis Capaldi for his walk on at Glastonbury dressed as Noel Gallagher. When Gallagher slagged off Capaldi in a radio interview, Capaldi hit back with “I just got slagged off by Noel Gallagher. Dreams are coming true.” then swaggered onto the stage dressed as the indie star to the sound of “Here Comes the Money”. Classic.

July – Mary Berry Drums for Rick Astley

Mary Berry nabs the July award after picking up some sticks and joining Rick Astley on stage at this year’s Bestival. The TV presenter, usually more famous for her baking skills and sometimes intended double entendres, rocked out in a drumming session live on stage and stole the performance.

August – Winnie the Pooh gets Banned

What a naughty bear. Winnie the Pooh has to take the August award after being the first cartoon bear to be banned from China. The latest Christopher Robin film has been banned by the Chinese government after comparisons were made between Pooh and President Xi. Brilliant.

September – Record Breaking Scuba Nonagenarian

The September award goes to the legend that is Ray Woolley. Ray, at the age of 96, broke his own record of being the oldest scuba diver, diving for 48 minutes to a depth of 42.4 meters. Check back in with us next year, because he plans to keep on going!

October – Rebekah Vardy vs Rooney

Who can forget the wag war of 2019, with Rebekah being publicly exposed by Coleen as a story selling snake after going undercover as Wagatha Christie. Their public row was uncomfortable to watch, pretty bitter, but definitely rebellious!

November – The Ducks Have Won!

Ducks living on a smallholding in the French countryside have won a battle to keep on quacking. Our quacky rebel friends saved themselves from the slaughter after their neighbour complained that the noise was too much to bear. Go ducks! Definitely deserving of Novembers award.

December – Cocaine Santa

The award for December has to go to Cocaine Santa. After being banned from Walmart, he’s managed to become a best seller on Amazon! The Christmas jumper first surfaced on Walmart’s Canadian site with the description “We all know how snow works, it’s white, powdery and the best snow comes straight from South America”