What to Buy for Teachers at Christmas

Teachers, the saviours that babysit your kids every day so you can go for coffee, or sadly, work. And also happen to teach them all the skills they need to at some point earn enough to move out of the family home. Go teachers, yay!

If you’re feeling the need to show your kids teachers some appreciation this Christmas, we’ve compiled a few ideas that they might like. Instead of germy snot adorned homemade cookies from your cute but sometimes stinky little nose pickers.


Stop and think for a second before you put your child’s face on this mug. What kind of person are they underneath the teacher veil? Will their teacher ever use a mug featuring a child they’ll never have to teach again? Or would they prefer some witty teacher banter that they and their colleagues can laugh about? If they’ve got a special bond, then yes, the photo mug would be great – especially if you have a photo of them together. However if you think route two is more appropriate, we’ve come up with a few lines you may steal. You’re welcome.

*Don’t listen to me. Lesson 1 in reverse psychology*

*I don’t tie wet shoelaces unless it’s raining*

*This mug is filled with tears of my students*

*I’m the boss of you. So there.*

*My favourite class ever was 2019*

*Thank God for Google*

*Pretending to like maths since 2008*

Another great idea is to get your little Picasso to create their own design.  This can be a really sweet way to give teachers a wonderfully personalised gift without including your kids face.  It also shows that your little one has actually had something to do with the making of the present instead of being totally unaware of the entire gifting process. Just ask your child to draw a picture they think the teacher will like, snap it on your phone, then upload it to your Rebel creation. Super easy and very personal.


Create their own
Thoughtful and useful

Photo Books

Now this is a much more appropriate place to stick your childs mug shot!  Feel free to steal this brilliant idea from us for a great whole class present.  Get together with all the parents in the class, through the Facebook or WhatsApp group you no doubt have. Collect a photo of each child.  Then pass the book around to get the kids to each write a message next to their photo about how amazing their teacher is. What a keeper! Surely the teacher will be weeping into aforementioned snotty biscuits while reading over all the wonderful messages, incidentally taking in how great the kids’ handwriting has become, all thanks to him or her.

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