What we’ll be doing this Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is quite rightly a very special day for lots of couples – the perfect excuse to show how much you love your partner, whether you go out for a fancy meal and splash out on 100 red roses, or stay indoors for a romantic evening while the kids are stashed to bed early. However you celebrate, happy Valentine’s to you!

We’ve been asking our Rebels what they get up to for Valentine’s Day, and we thought we’d share a selection with you. Feel free to be inspired!

When my wife and I first met, we were both working in the hospitality industry. The years of slinging drinks and fueling hoards of Valentines zombies somewhat tainted our vibe. We would freak out each time Feb 14th reared its sugary head. Now we work in different sectors, we are freed from the discarded roses, excessive pda and ladies choking on engagement rings hidden in prosecco. Instead we hang out in our home. We maybe pick up a tinny and takeaway and stuff our faces watching Netflix, chatting and feeling lucky to have each other.

I’m taking this Valentine’s day really seriously. I’ve devised a step by step guide you can feel free to copy:
1. Finish work early and rush home
2. Start cooking meal
3. Lay table and tidy up
4. Light candles and pour wine
5. Finish off cooking and Serve Up
6. Regret eating two meals

My husband and I like to do the anti-Valentine’s thing. Don’t get me wrong, we have a little girl so we’re definitely going to use it as an excuse to rope a babysitter in at some point, but we tend to just have a slightly extravagant date at some point in the weeks after. We just don’t fancy sitting in a row with a bunch of other couples who haven’t spoken to each other since 14.2.19. So actual Valentine’s will be spent as any other friday; early bird drinks in the local pub playing dominoes with our little girl, followed by dirty fries (recommended after pub food btw) and some drinks at home arguing over who has the best taste in music.

I’m single and happy about it, so Valentine’s for me is all about appreciating myself! My plan this year is to embrace the LOMO. A bottle of champagne, a stack of books, and a session sat in my fave window seat watching the rain run down the window while I engross myself in whatever trashy book I pick up first. I’m very excited about it. Might actually make it a weekly thing!

Whatever your plans, have a brilliant Love day!

Team Rebel