Who are Rebel?

Cow standing a field looking into a camera
Hello nosey

Oh hi! If you want to know more about us, find out here. We won’t waffle….. promise.

We have a penchant for the ridiculous, a love of adventure, and a passion for quality gifts that don’t have to be boring. Anti-ordinary gifts if you will. Rebel encompasses all those things.

Fresh Designs

We bring you the best combination of style and substance; allowing you to create beautiful gifts that you design exactly as you want. Our illustrations are created by our brilliant in house designers, who’re constantly on the lookout for inspiration and forever creating new drawings for you to use.  Maria favours the traditional techniques of naive folk, starting with a sketch book and then integrating modern techniques. Darren’s heart lies in graphic design and creates brilliant vibrant modern graphics that pop off your page. Perfect combo.

Our unique themes, your moments

Premium Quality

We’ve spent the last year researching and building the best selection of products, whittling away the poor quality, the ugly and the mundane. We’ve carefully curated every canvas, frame and gift to make sure you can be confident in us.  Pick ANYTHING from our website and it will be great quality, AND fit in beautifully with your home. Our Product Forager Lucy is always coming up with new product ideas, new themes, and new designs. We always want there to be something new and exciting for you to see!

Exceptional quality

Easy Peasy

Our website and product personalisation has been designed to make sure it’s the easiest around.  We know you don’t have hours to spend on your creation, but you need it to look like you have, right?  We’ve worked hard to make sure that producing your creations is easy for you. No need to download any software, loads of brilliant bespoke illustrations and no dodgy clip art in sight, it’s easy to edit your images quickly and you can upload them from your social feed.  So just combine our unique illustrations, and your unique images/banter, onto our carefully curated range of high quality products. 

Easy peasy how to guides