Why Print Photos?

Photographs are something we take for granted; being able to capture that moment in time. To remember loved ones’ faces that aren’t here anymore, and clearly see THAT best moment of a year long ago.

It’s crazy to think that before the 60s, photos were a rare and inaccessible commodity. In 1900 the first Brownie camera was released for sale to the public by Kodak. A relatively inexpensive simple camera box that meant for the first time that families could take their own photographs easily. That said, they still couldn’t be previewed before paying for development. Photography has come such a long way since then, but can you believe that before 2002, only 17 years ago, camera phones didn’t exist?

The great thing about the camera phone is the sheer volume of photos you can take, because your phone is always there.  The downside, is that all these photos from the last decade are, for the most part, all stored in various clouds or on old devices stuffed in a drawer god knows where.

My parents have an entire cupboard filled with brilliant photo albums. Mine and my sister’s entire life including the embarrassing chubby bum shots brought out over the years to put off/endear boyfriends and mates.

They even have negative slides and an old projector that show off grainy images from old weddings and holidays around Europe in the 70s. All amazing, tactile, solid, really there things.  Me? Digital clouds and broken phones. 

But, tactile memories are making a comeback! With the massive resurgence of vinyl, and Polaroid cameras, people are remembering that it’s nice to have something real to touch, and see.  Here at Rebel we think that there is a place for the digital, of course, but there’s nothing stopping us from having both. To create solid memories that fill your house and not just your phone.  The benefits of having the digital just mean we can be choosy about which ones we turn from digital to physical without getting rid of the photos entirely! It feels wonderful to print those memories into books, to be able to pick them up at leisure and thumb through the highlights of your life.

Photo books are the new albums

If you’re new to photo books, or perhaps just new to buying them for yourself instead of as a gift, think about where you want to start. Do you want to start a catalogue of your life? Just do an annual holiday book? Or do you want to commemorate a particular friendship group? Whatever your choice, Rebel’s product creator makes it easy peasy to create stylish books that look beautiful on your shelves, or your coffee table. Link to your device or social media and grab your best images, then play around with the layouts or choose from one of our unique-to-Rebel templates to create your masterpiece. If you don’t want to add filters or embellishments, all that’s left is to add it to your basket!

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The Printed Wall Panel

This full-bleed printed wall panel lets the image do the talking, with no distractions. So lightweight, it is ideal for hanging on any wall, especially handy for those tricky ones that threaten to crumble if you hang anything heavier than a Post-it on.

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The Wooden Block Calendar

2021 calendar now available! Chic scandi style desk calendar cards held in a carved wooden block.

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The A4 Photo Book

The A4 Photo Book is smooth, hard backed and matte throughout. It is perfectly bound and will make your photos come to life. Easy-peasy to create an ideal for any occasion or gift.

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